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Italy a candidate for a non-permanent member of the Security Council for 2017-2018Rome 12 May 2009
The government has decided to candidate Italy for a 2-year non-permanent member seat on the Security Council in 2017-2018. Italy’s latest 2-year stint ended on 31 December 2008 and was its 6th to date. This new candidature would allow Italy to rejoin the Council 8 years later, and falls within the framework of Italy’s traditional commitment to multilateralism. Italy fees it satisfies all the requirements to occupy a place on the Security Council once again:
- We are the 6th largest contributor to the United Nations; the first Western blue helmets contributor and the 9th in absolute terms; 
- Our commitment to human rights, with initiatives against the death penalty, violence against women and the defence of children, particularly child-soldiers—to name a few—places us in the vanguard in this sector;
- The political impetus we give to finding lasting solutions in crisis areas ranging from Afghanistan to the Middle East and Africa, bears further witness to our desire to disseminate and defend the values that underpin the United Nations Charter. Italy’s candidacy is, finally, consistent with our efforts on behalf of the Security Council’s more democratic and representative reform. Italy has always maintained that the only route to ensuring these principles is through election. Once again we have chosen to submit ourselves to the membership’s scrutiny in a competitive election process that promises to be hard-fought, there being two other candidates for the two seats reserved for our regional group: Sweden and the Netherlands. Italy’s commitment to international peace and security cannot, however, be separated from its defence of the basic principles of our value system, such as the defence of human rights and fundamental freedoms within the framework of that multilateralism in which we continue to have faith.
That is why Minister for Foreign Affairs Franco Frattini has also decided to candidate Italy for the UN Human Rights Council for 2011-2014. We are proud of our civic and legal traditions, and conscious of the results achieved in these years on the Council and our role as the privileged interlocutor of vast sectors of the UN’s membership. We consider Italy fit for a task that essentially requires constant and unwavering collaboration with international partners, with the goal of making the global enjoyment of fundamental rights a reality.